His Improper Lady

“If you know something to be right deep in the pit of your stomach, do it, no matter the consequence.” Those were Lord Anthony’s earnest words of wisdom to Lord Nathaniel Duncan before the old gentleman died, leaving in Nathaniel’s hands his estate to settle and his ward to protect.

Young and naïve Mary Elizabeth loved Lord Anthony, and losing him seems like the single worst thing that could have happened to her – until the new housekeeper sends her packing. With Lord Anthony gone, Lord Duncan away, and nowhere else to turn, she has to rely on her own abilities to survive. Where she finally lands and how she decides to earn her living is anything but proper. But what is a girl to do?

Nathaniel returns to London to find the house in an uproar and Mary Elizabeth gone. When he finally locates her, she is perilously on the verge of agreeing to a most improper liaison. He is furious and demands if she is going to belong to someone, then it will be him. She says it would never work; he needs a proper lady. Nathaniel is determined to convince Mary that His Improper Lady is all he will ever need.

DISCLAIMER: This book contains elements of discipline, sexual scenes, and power exchange. If any of these offend you, please do not purchase.