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Reasons a Military Man is the best kind of man to bring home…

1. He understands about loyalty because he relies on his team for survival
2. He is well traveled because he is called out all sorts of exotic places
3. He is easy to cook for because he eats most anything
4. He is fun loving because he knows life could get harder quickly
5. He is good to look at, all that PT and hard work does its job
6. He is possessive because he knows relationships are precious
7. He is protective because he takes care of what is his


Photojournalist and University adjunct Professor Kayla Rhea, loved her humanitarian work in Africa. She loved it even after her father and brothers told her to find another region to visit. Even after her kidnapping and subsequent rescue by Hunter Barrett, the face of a man she hasn’t yet been able to tuck away with the memories of that experience. She needs closure before she can move on.

When her ex-military father encourages her to come to a benefit, she agrees. When she meets the man behind the Barrett Family Foundation, it is none other than the Ranger who saved her two years ago. One look and she knew she would never be able to lock him away with those memories. She needed him too much.

Jonathan Hunter Barrett, III, now in civilian life can’t forget the woman he rescued during his last “boots on the ground” military mission. He had not spoken to her since that fateful day two years ago, but he had seen her in his dreams every night. It was true, Barrett Engineering and the Barrett Family Foundation kept him busy but the face of Kayla Rhea with her stubborn innocence kept him hostage. He dabbled in a handful of one-night stands since the mission, trying to rid himself of her hold, without success. Therefore, he hatched a plan to remedy his problem. Bring her to him and test the connection. He knew life must go on, so it was more than time to claim Kayla Rhea or purge her from his life forever.


Kayla loved the play. The little taps were stingy but not uncomfortable. She loved the way it made her pink bits twitch and her breasts tingle. She watched him roll her over and felt him lay three substantial swats to her right cheek, and her juices flowed.

“Mmm, do it again.” She looked over at him.

Hunter raised his right eyebrow and hummed. “My baby likes a little slap and tickle, huh?”

“Please,” she begged.

He rolled her to slap the other cheek. “Now open so I can see how wet you are for me.”

This time she spread them wide. The heat from those few smacks made her warm all over. She’d always known she was intrigued by spanking, but no one had ever spanked her before. She’d been a good kid, but she could learn how to be naughty in the bedroom if she could get these types of results. Kayla lifted her pelvis to help him find her treasures and yelped at the slap on her pussy. She grunted her surprise.

“I’m the boss in here, Kayla. I’ll decide what you need. And I think what you need now is me.”

Kayla watched as Hunter took one hardened nipple into his mouth and sucked with ever increasing strength as he made her writhe with flames of passion. He loved the other breast equally before kissing down her belly. Kayla felt him nip at her labia before peeling back her lower lips to expose the slippery center. She felt herself panic.

Her very experienced girlfriend in college once told her, “Men don’t really like to taste women, Kayla, didn’t anyone ever tell you before?”

“Don’t… I mean, I don’t expect you to.”

He stopped, poised above her most intimate area. “Good to know, but are you saying you don’t like it, or you don’t think I’ll like it?”
“I don’t know if I’ll like it because…” she shrugged her shoulders slightly, “… well, I know guys don’t like it.”

“Sweetheart, I don’t know who told you that, but it’s a lie. Men love it. This man loves it.”

“Oh.” She said as he resumed his task. “Mmm, that feels so nice.”

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