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My New Book, Keeping Kelli is coming out the weekend of August 11th so thought you might want a little preview.

The first two in the Kelli O’Connor trilogy, Meeting her Needs and Kissing Kelli are out now for your enjoyment. This trilogy will require you to read Kissing Kelli (#2) to keep up with the mystery in Keeping Kelli.

No cover reveal yet, But here is an excerpt from Keeping Kelli.

Hope you enjoy!

Parker strode into the stable like a carefully restrained storm and ran everyone out with a growl and a sweep of his arm. Kelli looked up and felt her heart stop, and her chest felt tight. Not to panic attack level, but she knew she was well and truly caught. Surely Aspen wouldn’t have called Parker, but Thorne would have. Or maybe something came up in the investigating of the break in last night. Or…

“Kelli Frances O’Connor Jamison, if you have any lingering sense of self-preservation in you, you’ll come out of whichever stall you are in and do it now.”

Kelli sucked in a constricted breath and walked out of the tack room. God she loved and hated him in this mood. Her adrenaline went into overdrive, and her heart pounded hard even as her brain told her to play it cool.“Wh-hat’s wrong?”

Parker turned in Kelli’s direction and nodded. “That is the best room for you to have come from right now. I think I might be using some of that tack to help you remember how things are done in our house but first, we are going to sit down like reasonable, rational people and you are going to tell me about Friday and today. And you are going to be thorough with that explanation.”

Kelli’s stomach was doing summersaults, and her head hurt as much as her belly did. And, Lord help her, she had the hots for him. Her husband was not just irritated, he was fuming, and it was intimidating if not a bit scary. Oh, she never considered he would do her harm, but she didn’t expect to come out of this little encounter unscathed. She was a crazy woman indeed to lust after him so much when he was forcing her to reap the whirlwind.

“I can stand, I sat at the movies for a few hours.”

“Ah, yes, the movies, not to mention the little car ride up and back, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves, shall we? No, I prefer you sit and right now, it is my pleasure not yours that matters.”

He swept his arm toward the bales of hay that had been covered with some blankets for a staff meeting earlier in the day. Once she sat, he sat next to her and stared at her long enough to make her skin crawl with anxiety, but she dared not say anything until he did. She wiggled uncomfortable in her guilt. Kelli knew her husband well enough that if he were this touchy, he would not allow her to lead even the first sentence. So she forced herself to wait on him.

“I just spoke to Thorne. You remember him. The man who has known about Friday’s incident since Friday. I thought you might have forgotten to mention it to me, your husband, the person who is trying to keep you happy, healthy, and safe. You know the one who loves you to distraction and wants to paddle that wayward butt of yours with gusto right now? However, I digress, and I don’t want to keep you from telling me the whole story. Start with the courthouse and continue from there.”

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