Disciplining Demi by Ivy Killian

Disciplining Demi

About Disciplining Demi

Love. Safety. Security. Three notions Demi Durango never thought she’d have, but now that marriage to Kal gave her these luxuries, how far would she go to keep them?

Demi and Kal return to Dolphin Island, a tropical paradise, to begin their married lives together, but their first year will be spent apart with Kal soon shipping out. The night before he deploys, a security breach into Kal’s secret identity puts Demi in danger. He can’t leave her home alone, especially after learning she was the one who launched the inquiry. Will she ever be able to fully live a domestic-discipline lifestyle and truly and totally trust her husband? Or will Kal be forced to take Jared Masters up on his offer to help teach his sassy wife the island ways?

Demi feels horrible for letting Kal down and would do anything to strengthen her marriage and make her groom happy. To placate her husband, she quickly decides to enroll herself in Chateau Dreambox. The spanking school seems like the perfect place to learn more about living a domestic-discipline lifestyle. Surrounding herself with like-minded people would help her master the art of submission, but since she still has trouble submitting to her husband, how in the world was she ever going to allow the professors to instruct her?


Here’s an excerpt to start you off – A build-up to a spanking scene: Rated R

Demi’s gaze fell on the wooden chair. Tall back, no arm rests. Still embarrassed about having to receive maintenance spankings, she shivered.

Kal moved behind her, running firm palms up and down the length of her bare arms. His warm touch tapped down the goose bumps. “It is exactly what you are thinking.”

Demi nodded and gulped as a heated awkwardness rushed up her neck and stormed across her cheeks.

Kal pointed to the far corner, flanked by windows. “That one will stay vacant.” He lovingly patted her bottom. “Please remember that when you are purchasing furniture for our new home.”

She tucked her chin to her chest, not wanting to think about how Kal expected her to spend time standing with her nose tucked into the narrow space where two walls joined, creating a special spot for her to reflect upon her actions and behavior when she fell short of her goals.

Seconds later, his fingers, gentle and loving, curled under her chin and lifted her face to his. “Dem, do you understand?”

She locked her gaze with his. So hot and commanding. He practically ate her alive with the look while his dream of culturing a submissive wife dominated the atmosphere. “Yes, sir. I think I’ll paint those two walls a calming blue.” 

About Ivy Killian 

Ivy is an erotic romance author of domestic-discipline stories. She likes to create worlds where men are strong and dominant and choose to live a DD lifestyle. Her heroines are sassy and intelligent but searching for something more, and soon learn that all along, they’ve yearned to be taken in hand by a powerful man. Disciplinary spanking is a central theme in all of her novels.

She is published with Blushing Books and recently released her third book, Disciplining Demi: The Training.

Ivy is currently working on more books for her Dolphin Island series.

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