Dreamstealer by SE Berg

About the book


Fear strikes a small town in New Hampshire called Woodsville. After multiple eerie deaths there is a theory that a Windago, based off Native American folklore, may be committing the crimes. A paranormal being causing deaths made the new Sherriff roll his eyes.

Stuart moved to Woodsville from Boston after an unmeasurable pain sliced him to the core. He thought it was going to be an easy job in the country. A quiet place to shelter himself and his heart. Upon moving he found the woman were drawn to him like flies to honey, and they were all suspects.

The murders were being committed at a clip that even he, a city cop, had never seen. The victims were found with a dream catcher over the bed and a tiny hole in the forehead…at the area of the amygdala, a walnut-sized mass that philosopher Rene Descartes once thought was the seat of the soul. This part of the brain was removed through a small puncture on their head, sucked out cleanly.

So many possible suspects…Can he find the killer before another person is murdered? Is the murderer closer then he even knows?

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About the Author

SE Berg has a penchant for:

murder, criminality, forensics, police and other authority agencies, as well as psychology.

With a minor in psychology and love of analyzing human behavior you will find all of these themes in the stories and novels. Some of these stories lean toward paranormal in nature, which may provide an additional twist.

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