Gamble on Love by Brandy Golden

It looks like true love has really lousy timing…

Gamble on Love

Look who is visiting me today?

Brandy Golden

With her new book:

Gamble on Love

Here is a little taste:

Brenda Sue Radisson, alias Bones, has every intention of “reacquiring” three precious Monet paintings stolen from her father in a crooked card game four years earlier. She congratulates herself on a job well done once the second one is in her safe keeping.

The fateful day she steals back the second painting, a mysterious stranger with campfire smoke eyes appears in her casino as if in answer to her horoscope. When she finds out he is a detective she wonders if the fates can really be that cruel? If true love has finally found her, their odious timing couldn’t be worse! She has one more painting to acquire and she just knows that mister campfire smoke eyes would never approve of her self-imposed mission.

Flynn Chambers, an art forensics specialist, has been summoned to Reno to investigate the theft of a valuable Monet painting. On the very day of his arrival, a second Monet is stolen and the trail soon leads to the beautiful blue eyed owner of The Lonely Angel casino. He finds himself entranced with the girl they call Bones, but he is sorely afraid she is destined for prison life if he can’t find a way to help her. The problem is, the feisty Bones is fighting him on every front and refusing to trust him or cooperate with him. Frustrated, he decides what she really needs is a firm hand applied to her backside for pulling such a crazy stunt. But all in good time.


And…a nibble…

Flynn stood in front of her, his strong arms folded across his chest, a very disapproving look on his face. “I ought to take your pants down, turn you over my knee and give you a real spanking with my belt for pulling this stupid stunt,” he growled, “but I don’t have the time right now.

“R…real sp…spanking?” Bones gulped. “Haven’t you done that a few times already?”

“Not on your bare bottom,” he growled. “And not one that you won’t forget for a few days.”

“But you can’t do that…I mean…no one does that. Not for real anyway,” she protested nervously. “Playing maybe, or retaliation swats for my temper, I can see that. But not for real punishment. Do they?” she quavered, unsure of herself.

“I do,” he assured her firmly.

Makes you wonder what else he had to say when he found out what she had done…RIGHT???


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