Groomed by Bethany Leigh

Bethany Leigh

About the Book

It’s 1999 and Charlotte and Connor have just got the internet at home. One night, Charlotte comes across an intriguing forum. It consists mostly of women posters whose husbands discipline them when they misbehave. In other words, they’re living Charlotte’s dream!

Charlotte’s marriage is in trouble. Work and family pressures have pushed her and Connor apart. The forum posters claim domestic discipline makes marriages closer, more intimate, that sex is through the roof. Charlotte wonders whether introducing the old-fashioned discipline she yearns for can bring her and Connor closer together too.

But Connor doesn’t take to the lifestyle and the failure frustrates Charlotte and drives them even further apart. In desperation, she seeks out a disciplinarian through the forum to satisfy her needs. He seems caring, thoughtful and is willing to take things slowly, allow time to build trust.

But there’s a missing backpacker who just might have a connection with the same disciplinarian.

Can Charlotte trust this charming man she’s met on the internet?

And how will it affect her marriage to Connor?

Will Charlotte ever get the loving discipline she craves?

Publisher’s Note: This book contains disciplinary scenes. If this is offensive to you, please do not read.


“You need a break from work anyway,” he said. “They’re working you too hard.”

“It wouldn’t have taken me very long,” she said quickly, not wanting him to mention these extra hours she’s supposedly been working should he run into any of her colleagues, “but I prefer to check stuff when I’m alert, not at ten bloody thirty at night.”

“It’s only just after ten.”

“It won’t be by the time you’ve finished up in here, will it?” She was up for a fight now, and hell, if she was going on Spanking Sheilas so much later than she wanted, she’d better have something to write about. “It’s always the same with you. You say you’re going to be online for a few minutes, then you’re in here for hours, and by bedtime you still haven’t looked up what you went online for. Bloody dickhead.”

He made a tutting sound and turned back to the screen.

What the hell? He’d promised, now he was letting her down. Deliberately? Or had he forgotten?

“Dickhead,” she repeated.

He swivelled his chair to look at her and their eyes locked. Sudden remembrance of their conversation made his eyes light up with challenge. He rose threateningly from the chair and she scurried out of the room, along the passageway, to the bedroom. He caught her at the bedroom door, pinned her against it.

“What did you call me?” he demanded.

She giggled, delighted. “I can’t remember.”

“Well, I can.” He gripped her firmly, marched her over to the bed, and pushed her face-down over it. He tossed up her skirt, exposing her knickers and stockings and Charlotte tensed, suddenly nervous as well as excited.

“What were our rules?” he asked her.

“Not to lose my temper. And I didn’t, not really, despite great provocation.”

“And the second rule?”

“To respect you.”

“And is calling me a dickhead showing respect?”


“No, it isn’t.” Up till now, Connor had been going okay, but he suddenly put on a mock-stern voice. “You’re a very naughty girl, and you need to be punished, don’t you?”

Charlotte was instantly irritated. She wanted him to be naturally authoritative like Hayden or Mark, not to role-play.

“Don’t you?” he pressed.

Charlotte didn’t answer, then gasped as his palm cracked across her backside. He gave her another six scalding slaps, two apiece on both cheeks, one on each thigh. Then he smoothed her skirt back over her stinging backside.

“Don’t let it happen again,” he said, still with that silly faux stern tone. “I’ll let you know when I’ve finished with the computer.”

He was leaving her? He was supposed to roll her onto her back post-spanking, make orgasmic love to her. Charlotte slipped into the en suite to check her bottom in the mirror. It was beautifully rosy, and a handprint was emblazoned on each thigh. It was the only thing about the spanking that felt satisfying. Even though the slaps were sharp on delivery, the sting had already started to wear off.

She changed into a sexy black teddy to be ready for the making up part when he finished on the computer. She sort of wanted to tell her forum friends about her spanking. It may not measure up to Panda’s or Gemma’s, but it was still her first encounter with domestic discipline. Still, that could wait till morning. She’d rather stay in the bedroom for the make-up sex.

Charlotte slipped beneath the doona, slid her hand between her legs. Already wet, she relived the spanking of a few minutes ago in her mind, while masturbating. Only in her mind, Connor didn’t stop at seven slaps. He smacked her thirty times, each swat harder than the last, warning her that if she ever spoke to him like that again it wouldn’t be his hand spanking her backside; it’d be his belt. Charlotte groaned, rubbed harder.

By the time Connor came to bed, she was fast asleep.

About the Author

Bethany lives in Australia, where she divides her time between the keyboard and the beach. Her books are a mixture of crimeance and romance, but they all involve a wilful heroine getting her bottom smacked by an exasperated hero.


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