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My first Blog of the year! I hope your 2017 was incredible and you are ready to embark on a new one. I am! My new year has brought many changes in my world and it is hard to settle back into a routine similar to what I had before the holidays. I have a newsletter that I hope to do once a month or when I have new releases. SIGN UP TODAY on my web page. I have written about 60,000 words so far in January but have done it in three WIPs (works in process) I will finish them close together. One of them is the third book in a trilogy I started last January. I talk about the new release in that series, Lord Ashton Decides and the last book I am working on now- The Black Laird’s Edict (title is a working one).  See what has been going on around here.

Firstly, let’s do a quick recap of 2017.

  • I had several new books:

Lord Thayer’s Choice- (Lords and Little Ladies Book 1)

His Improper Lady (Chase Abbey Bk 4)

Meeting Her Needs (Kelli O’Connor Book 1)

Kissing Kelli (Kelli O’Connor Book 2)

Keeping Kelli (Kelli O’Connor Book 3)

Reclaiming Clover (Lone Wind Book 1)

  • Then I was honored to contribute to some awesome Anthologies:

Sweet Town Love

Historical Heroes, Six Seductive Tales

Hero Undercover (only out for a limited time)

12 Naughty Days of Christmas

  • I did my first Book Signing. Actually, I did THREE!

With Blushing Books in Atlanta in April

Romantic Times in Atlanta Book Fair

East Texas Book Bash in Tyler, Texas

Now, I have a new Book LORD ASHTON DECIDES   https://goo.gl/jcNbm3

It is Book Two in the Lords and Little Ladies Series.

Book One in the series is Lord Thayer’s Choice. https://goo.gl/XV4hu1


Here is a nibble:

He needed a clever woman who would stand up to his mother, reach for her papa, and lie ravished in his bed. In return, he would bind her to him and release her spirit.

Rosemary Thayer, suddenly alone in America, could finally do as she wished. It was the most frightening and exciting thing that had ever happened to her. She intended to capitalize on the opportunity by getting away from the man who wanted to marry her, avoid homelessness, and prostitution. Marriage would come eventually, but in her limited experience, men were trouble. If her secrets were out, no respectable man would ever look at her, let alone marry her.

Lord Edward Ashton was returning to England on one of his own ships to take up the newly inherited family reins as the Earl of Ashton. He would need to marry to ensure the line, but he had his own desires in a wife that he couldn’t ignore. Then he met Rosemary, full of secrets and intent on her own way, even if it risked her safety and innocence.

She would need a firm hand and, at least on the ship, he would need to take on that role for her. It would be a challenge, but as he looked into her pleading eyes, he would entertain no other course. She was the woman he’d hoped to find, if she would simply stop fighting him.

Here is a bite:

He lifted her gown, petticoats, and, finally, her shift, exposing her bared skin to him.

 “My little darling, you were quite naughty today. You did not wait for me to escort you on deck, not once but twice. This last time, you allowed yourself exposure to unwanted advances.”

He rubbed her bottom and Rosie spoke. “Papa, I don’t want to be told what to do all the time. Besides, you have it wrong. I didn’t ‘allow’ anything. It just happened.”

He slapped her bottom six times, soundly. She grunted at the sudden attack.

“It happened because you disobeyed me. Why do you think I make you wait for me?”

“Because you want to show you’re mean and can control me.”

She tightened her buttocks for his strikes, but when none came, she relaxed. Immediately, she felt his hand land hard and fast, raising an uncomfortable sizzle to her whole bottom. She couldn’t help it; she had to push up to escape. Her legs seemed to kick of their own accord.

“Please, Papa, I’m sorry. I was wrong.” Her cries went unanswered.

“You were so scared you could not release the rigging. If I’d not come when I did, you’d have been compromised. Do you not understand what that means to a young woman? Have you had no training? It is even more serious in England than in America. You have no idea how disgrace, and even innuendo, would ruin your life, but it is unforgivable in society. You will be ruined forever, Rosemary, forever. Even now, should word get out, you will be compromised.”

His change of address was not lost on Rosemary. After a flurry of smacks to her whole bottom, causing her to pant in response, he stopped abruptly. He laid the brush on her hot cheeks.

“Oh, please, Edward, I cannot bear the brush.”

He rubbed her back and blew his breath across her heated bottom. “Hush, now, you can do it. You frightened me, love. You were reckless with your virtue and your reputation. You were obstinate, short-tempered, and quarrelsome, and instead of asking me to help you out of your mood, you decided to be deliberately disobedient, twice. Oh, my darling, you can take this punishment.”

He patted her rump and Rosie cried again, this time more earnestly. “You were right, Papa, I should have told you I was out of sorts. I was bored.” She needed the little one a bit longer.

“Well, now, you aren’t, and I daresay you won’t be again anytime soon, hmm?” The sound echoed, and the ache vibrated her bottom. Rosie turned her head into the pillow and released her voice of objection. Her legs kicked, and her body rocked. Her papa’s hand was firmly wrapped round her hip, and his leg landed on top of hers. She fought him. He smacked her lower cheeks.

“Rosie. Stop battling me. I will tell you how many you will receive so you will know and be prepared. Will that calm you?”

“No more, please no more.” The sting was nearly gone into the numbness, but it would return with the next blow. She was determined to beg her way out of it.

“Nine. You have nine more to go. Three more for disobedience, four for your unconscionable behavior in exposing yourself to ruin, and two for keeping secrets and not asking for my help. Prepare yourself.”

Rosie didn’t have time to protest. Further, her rear felt as if flames consumed it as the brush repeatedly fell without ceasing. All she could do was cry into the pillow. She automatically threw the arm not pinned between her and Edward backward, but he grabbed it easily and continued his reign of terror on her upturned arse. She had not ever felt pain such as this. All thought ceased as she endured the riotous attack and bellowed her sorrow in the pillow.


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