The Pirate’s Daughter by Marie Hall

The Pirate’s Daughter
Master and Command Her Book One
Marie Hall

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About The Pirate’s Daughter

Royal Navy Captain

Kidnapped and blackmailed into marriage, Captain Devin Winthrop now has a wife. One who’s beautiful, smart, willing in bed, and a pirate’s daughter. And she has a few pirate tendencies of her own.
Set to finish his career with smooth sailing in the Caribbean, Devin knows a storm is coming. Can he raise sail and outrun the dangers, or will he be sunk to the ocean floor?

Captain of Her Destiny

A captain in her papa’s merchant fleet, Mia Cadley doesn’t willingly give up the helm. Nor does she always sail above board.
When her father forces her to wed as a means to protect her, she resists letting her husband become her master and commander. But can she hold course against a tide of pleasure beyond imagining?


“I am never naughty, Captain,” Mia said with as much indignity as she could manage. “Only uneducated children are naughty. I have been well schooled and am a fair bit past the age of sixteen.” She watched him stop abruptly, holding a stool in either hand as he took time to appraiser her, critically. With a shake of his head he took the last two steps needed to set one stool on the floor on her side of the table before rounding to the other side, setting the second stool down and taking a seat.

“Someone has lied to you Mia,” he said whipping the cover from the tray. “Sit down and eat.” He motioned to the second bowl of portage with the knife he was using to cut the peal from his orange.

“No one has lied to me,” Mia snapped, how dare he say such a thing. Or maybe he said it because he knew something. Something about why she was now here and not home. “Lied to me about what?” she asked reaching for the bowl.

He laughed, setting the knife aside and pulling apart the orange. “I think a great many things. Most importantly, though, about how naughty brats get to choose their own punishments.” He leveled a look at her that made a chill run down her spine the same time it made her sex clench. “They do not. Now sit down and eat.”


“You’re one of those…” Devin stopped before he could say too much. “You were there the night…” Again he stopped speaking, this time he looked over his shoulder, maybe to make sure they were mostly alone. “What’s going on?”

“Avast, Captain.” Smithe stepped towards him. “This isn’t about you.” Smithe’s demeanor changed as he no longer needed to behave like a simple merchant ship crew member with the others out of earshot. “Mia the commodore is very unhappy with you. You’ve been warned to not make trouble and bring attention,” Smithe chided and Mia saw Devin looking between the two of them. “What you did could’ve caused quite the storm if he’d not run end round and tied up loose ends.”

“What did she do?” Devin asked and Mia warmed at his ready defense. “How could she have done anything? She’s not been off the ship since I got her.”

“What you think the little sea witch needs to go ashore to wreck havoc and sink fleets?”

Devin turned and glared at her. “Does this have something to do with this commendation I received for ‘revealing a deceptive practice which was in violation of all treaties and accords in relation to the Abolition Act of 1807’?”

“Devin,” Mia started then tried to laugh, “You did make a formal complaint about what happened in St. Eustatius, someone looked into the matter.”

“Mia,” both men growled at her.

“Oh shut your portal you blowhard,” Mia said and stomped her foot at Smithe. Always he was the one to advise Papa against her.

“Mrs. Winthrop,” Devin snapped. Mia opened her mouth to beg Devin to not hear the man out but one look and she bit her tongue. “Do tell, Mr. Smithe.”

“That ship you hauled into harbor…”


She sniffed and shook her head hoping, rather greatly, they’d let it alone. But she could feel them all staring at her and she could feel the swell in her chest threatening to explode if she didn’t release it. “You can’t use me like this,” she finally told them.

“Use you?” Devin snapped.

“Yes, you can’t, can’t just make use of me when it’s to your convenience. Pick my brain when your limited experiences don’t give you satisfactory answers. If you want someone with such knowledge then find someone and make them part of the crew and use them at will. But don’t think to use me when there’s not a lick of sense between the lot of you.”

“Mia I told you, you could be part of the crew,” Devin said as he took hold of her chair and dragged it closer to him.

“You told her she could be? Hasn’t she been from the start?” Mr. Brink asked.

“No, I’ve not. I’ve no place here, serve no duty, no purpose. And when the sun comes up tomorrow that won’t have changed,” Mia shouted and tried to rise only to have Devin yank her down so she yowled when her ass hit the seat.

“You serve this ship as part of the crew Mrs. Winthrop and–” Mr. Quiggly said, sounding baffled.

“No, no she doesn’t. Damn fool woman,” Lieutenant Coventon said banging his cane on the planks of the table and standing.

“Lieutenant,” Devin snarled.

“No, no, it’s time she took stock of the facts.” The man made his way to her end of the table, lifting something as he passed the cabinet. “It’s time she stops trying to be some common midshipman and starts behaving like what she is.” The man said then leaned down to face Mia from across the table.

“You’re completely correct Mrs. Winthrop. On this ship you’re completely useless. Day to day you’ve no purpose at all. Day to day there’s nothing at all you can do to better serve…”

“Lieutenant,” Devin said rising to his feet.

“Day to day not a man here would miss you,” Coventon went on sticking a finger in her face. “But in a crisis, men here would’ve died without you. In a crisis, there’s no man aboard better suited to compliment the captain. In a crisis, you read the sea, and the waves and even the goddamn bloody fish like no man ever born before you. In a crisis, I’d rather have you than most anyone I could think of. And if you don’t stop trying to lower yourself to our level then to the captain I say…” Coventon straighten then threw a strap down between them “Beat her again. Beat her until she knows she’ll never just be part of the crew. Until she understands fully she’s the very heart of it.”



About Marie Hall

Marie Hall, Romance and a little something more

Romance can be found in all things. Romance with a little something more, is even better. I write Romance with that little something more. A little more heat, a little more fun and a little more kink. My stories are romance for the heart and erotic for the body. A dominate man willing to take on a woman who needs to learn how to submit without giving away everything she is, this is the theme I use in my writing.

Winner of Romance Writers of America, Hearts of Denver Chapter, Aspen Gold Award in Erotic Category

Two time nominee Best of Spanking Romance

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